The JuiceBox plug-in wall-mounted charger can even become a profitable investment!

The possibility for free charging at MOL e-charging points was done away with in August 2018, after which Lukoil also cancelled free charging starting from January 2019. The number of free charging points is expected to continue its decrease in 2019: e-charging will become market-based.

JuiceBox – the Airbnb of electric car chargers!

Imagine an electric car charger installed on your property that provides electricity for not only your car, but others as well! Anyone that you grant a license to can use your eMotorWerks JuiceBox. All you have to do is provide the infrastructure and hire a professional to install the charger, or place an order with us for its installation.

You can expect your investment to quickly provide a return!

How does it work?

The JuiceBox is sold by the manufacturer’s official Hungarian partner, Optimum Way. Purchased devices are installed by professional electricians. a 32 ampere network is perfectly suitable for providing the amount of electricity required for charging, meaning you won’t have to spend anything on expanding your grid (electricity service providers expand electric grids up to 32 amperes free of charge). The Juice Box Pro 32 can provide 22 kW on 3 phases, meaning it can charge the battery of an average car meant for urban use in 2 hours and provides a charge enough for about 20 km in about 10 minutes.

Charging done with the JuiceBox can be tracked via the mobile app developed by the manufacturer for iOS and Android systems; there is no need for any other registration or network use licenses. The app also helps you manage charging by others at your charging point.

Important! Ask a professional electrician for help with hooking up the JuiceBox to a home network. In addition to installation, a license is required for community use. Ask Optimum Way’s professionals for help with the process! 

Ask for an offer for purchasing an electric car charger for your property!

Ask for an offer for purchasing an electric car charger for your property!

Many questions can arise in connection with charging electric cars at home and at community charging points: from legal requirements through tendering opportunities to possible business solutions, we are happy to help clarify any issues.

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